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The digital marketing site contains 8 top level pages designed to present an overview of Watson’s AI capabilities in digital marketing though analyst reporting, case studies, product offerings, and supporting resources. The  home page contains a “Solutions” band that links to the other solution pages which move deeper into segment features where customers can decide which products may work best for their business needs.

Jeff: I worked as an Art Director with an agile team on the IA, Content, layout, look, and performance of the Watson Marketing pages for mobile and desktop. We developed the pages inside a template driven content management system under Watson branding guidelines. Color and image were key factors in determining the design branding of the site as it relates to two other Watson pillar sites, Commerce and Supply Chain. Marketing uses a dominant bright Purple with blue accents to brand page content.


These pages are snapshots in time, in constant flux with promotional offering shifts, but the images captured here represent a major launch which took place on 11/06/18

Cognitive Underwriter Infographic

Cognitive Underwriter Infographic

Cognitive Underwriters Infographic

This infographic was designed for IBM’s marketing department to explain a use case scenario for their AI products in the insurance industry. The infographic behaves as an interactive web page that drives the viewer through a story in the day of an insurance underwriter. Interactive elements include scroll driven sliders and transparent animated GIFs . The GIFs are scaled to 50% to smooth edge blending. All individual files weight in at less than 350kb for load time.

EA Bug Character Illustration

Animated social tile

This social tile uses one of the custom animations from the infographic embedded in a 600×320 pixel tile designed specifically for LinkedIn. The other GIFs  in the infographic were created with transparent backgrounds.

IBM Tape For Cloud Infographic

IBM Tape For Cloud Infographic

IBM Tape For Cloud Infographic

IBM storage commissioned Rossman Art to design an infographic that explained three major advantages that tape for cloud storage has over disk storage media in the cloud.  The folded ribbon (tape) is color coded to match the wording on the left. The graphic elements on the ribbon illustrate each of the talking points under those headings.

Jeff: I worked directly with the client as a visual designer with IBM’s Creative Design Services team, an art director, and a copywriter to produce this infographic for web and print media in vector format. Designed in Illustrator, this infographic can be exported to PDF for easy scaling and file sharing, and can be converted back into native file format for revisions or updates.



FTLOYB home screen 1

FTLOYB home screen 2

FTLOYB home screen 3

FTLOYB home screen 4

FTLOYB workshops

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FTLOYB partners

For The Love of Your Biz web site

For The Love of Your Biz commissioned Rossman Art to build a WordPress blog site for their online presence. Being a social platform promoter, FTLOYB was a perfect candidate to start a blog style website on the WordPress platform. Geralyn Miller Design collaborated with Rossman Art to produce the graphic assets for the site pages which reflected the existing branding that FLOYB already used on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and in their marketing materials.

Lyttleton Inn Landing Page

Lyttleton Inn Landing Page

Lyttleton Inn screen 1

Lyttleton Inn screen 2

Lyttleton Inn screen 3

Lyttleton Inn screen 4

Lyttleton Inn screen 5

Lyttleton Inn landing page

The Lyttleton Inn commissioned Rossman Art to design a landing page loosely based on brochures they had already printed. The layout uses wording and images that match the brochures with a responsive background image. A call to action links to Lyttleton Inn’s booking engine where all reservations are made. There are also links to reviews from TripAdvisor, and Lyttleton Inn’s social media sites.