Cognitive Underwriters Infographic

This infographic was designed for IBM’s marketing department to explain a use case scenario for their AI products in the insurance industry. The infographic behaves as an interactive web page that drives the viewer through a story in the day of an insurance underwriter. Interactive elements include scroll driven sliders and transparent animated GIFs . The GIFs are scaled to 50% to smooth edge blending. All individual files weigh in at less than 350 kb for load time.

Jeff: I worked with the stakeholder and a developer to design and build this hand coded page with animated bands that lead the viewer down a story driven interactive page layout with the option to continue learning about the use case through an accompanying white paper at the end.  


EA Bug Character Illustration

Animated social tile

This social tile uses one of the custom animations from the infographic embedded in a 600×320 pixel tile designed specifically for LinkedIn. The other GIFs  in the infographic were created with transparent backgrounds.