How to Do Everything with Second Life book cover

Rossman Art was given several guidelines to adhere to for designing the cover image on the front of this Second Life book cover. All areas outside the circle graphic had predefined colors, fonts, and placements to conform to the “How to Do Everything with” series of tutorial books. This required a freeform outline for the graphic to avoid extreme image cropping and a crowded look. See what the original cover illustration looks like here:(


How to Do Everything with Second Life book description

How to Do Everything with Second Life is a book authored by Richard Mansfield and published through McGraw-Hill.

Filled with hundreds of hands-on tutorials, tips, and techniques, this is the thorough, in-depth reference that every Second Life resident needs. Learn how to create a unique avatar and then explore, build, socialize–and even earn real money. Inside, you’ll find exclusive coverage of all the menus, features, and utilities. Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, this book will help you get the most out of Second Life.

via McGraw-Hill: How to Do Everything with Second Life® : Book.