The old has a new face on the web. The URL is the same, but new content is better integrated with the major social tools we all use, as evidenced by this post (published @ and distributed to various social platforms through WordPress). This upgrade will allow Rossman Art to easily reach out to and build upon an existing audience without the added burden of maintaining and propagating  isolated content. Credit for the back-end development goes to Elegant Themes for their Divi theme using the WordPress content management system. The major portion of the site still remains a portfolio showcase, but new sections have been added for a Blog and custom curated Newsletter (through I visit this newsletter daily to keep up on the latest trends in science, technology, and art. The site is open to subscribers, so anyone can can join to receive updates whenever new content is posted. Those interested in contributing content can contact Rossman Art and ask to have their subscriber status upgraded to Contributor, or Author.

I hope everyone enjoys the new and responsive look of the site!


Jeff Rossman